The path of love.

Transforming our relationship to love is the most rewarding thing we can ever do. Whether you are wanting to work on yourself, embark on couples therapy, or create a new relationship to your body – you will find services, workshops and resources to guide you. 


 therapy + programs

Individual Therapy

Individual programs for relationship patterns, trauma healing, body image therapy, intimacy cultivation and self love.

Couples Therapy

Couples programs for healthy communication, attachment wounds, conflict resolution, infidelity repair, rekindling desire, and fertility support.

Somatic Movement

Join a class or workshop to release old emotional, relational and behavioural patterns that are stuck inside the body and cause suffering in your life.

About Kelly.

Kelly is a passionate relationship therapist and embodiment teacher based in Australia. Each year she guides thousands of individuals and couples through transformational programs in relationships, personal growth and the re-wiring of childhood or past relationship experiences.

 With over 25 years of expertise, Kelly’s holistic approach works at the cross-section of self-awareness, relational awareness, embodiment, spirituality, and intimacy.

 She believes that healing requires a profound understanding of oneself, leading to the creation of her Embodiment Method; a process combining high-level relationship therapy, somatic movement explorations, self-awareness practices and holistic health strategies. She offers individual programs, group programs and workshops in these areas.

 Alongside a busy private practice, Kelly is also a well-known international speaker, consultant, and senior academic. She has mentored thousands of students in counselling, health science and functional medicine and maintains an active role in the wellness community.


Media & Expert Consulting

Kelly is an experienced international speaker and media contributor. For speaking engagements, podcast features, media articles or industry collaborations please contact Kelly directly.

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