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Welcome Home.

Perhaps it’s been a long journey. Perhaps you’ve been in the dark. Maybe you’re already halfway through or in the middle of a soul awakening. It could be that your life is changing in ways that are unfamiliar. You’re making choices that reflect new aspects of yourself, or you’d like to. Your soul is at the crossroads and you’re ready to lay down with it. To give over. To surrender to the deeper thing.


Wherever you are right now is perfect. There isn’t anywhere else you can be.

You can only ever be here. Exactly as you are.

I’ve been waiting for you.

Let’s begin.


Come as you are. Start where you are.

You can work with me in the following ways…

become who you are

4 month transformational journey

Inside you there is an ache. A pulse. A rhythm. An unspoken destination calling you…

To become that which you seek…

To access the magic you hold…

To transform everything that keeps it stuck.

It all starts with motion. Alchemical movement that changes your life.

Become who you are. Follow the ACHE.

private coaching

A 6-12 month private coaching experience focused on creating the life, relationship and/or business that serves who you really are.

You can explore relationships, family dynamics, purpose, addictions, anxiety, depression, repeating patterns in intimacy, sexuality, business or any aspect of your life you believe requires more devotion and truth. Enquire with Kelly for availability.



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