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I work with women who want to transform all the beliefs holding them back from life, relationships and loving themselves. I elevate women who want freedom, who want to experience and up-level their power, purpose and perfection as they cultivate a life of their dreams. I shine a light on all the pieces that make you whole even when you've forgotten so you can re-connect with that piece of yourself who knows what she wants and goes right for it.

I’m here to share my leadership, mentoring and real world self worth experience to take you on the journey to wholeness. I'm here to kick-start your fire, burn away your fear and remind you that your worth is non-negotiable. I’ll let you in on my greatest secret straight up, being whole starts with radical vulnerability. It starts with telling the truth. To yourself. It starts with you standing in front of a mirror saying I see you, I know what you want and I’m ready to let you out.

Experiencing your wholeness transforms your life, your relationships, your family and your business, whatever that is for you. I'm here to welcome you home to the magnificent whole woman that you are, step by step by step.


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July 15th, 2017

Are you looking for help in life, biz or love?

The Whole Woman

The Whole Woman is my signature and exclusive program guaranteed to get results.

Are you a woman who is deeply ready to shift your barriers and create the life you desire? This journey will transform all the beliefs holding you back from life, relationships and loving yourself. You journey through the 7 key dimensions of wholeness to awaken the whole woman you truly are.

Click below to see the amazing journey laid out step by step.


The Whole Business Woman

The business landscape in the healing professions has changed. Are you up to date, or are you following outdated models that guarantee burnout, financial instability and overwhelm? Wholeness in business requires two things: modern systems that generate income and a feminine approach to leadership. This essentially translates to systems AND soul.

Yes, you can do your soul work and make a generous living. But you can't do it in the old paradigm. If you are ready to stop feeling like an apprentice and activate your worth, leadership and income with the right tools, start here.

Relationship Revolution

Many women live in 'less than' relationships for YEARS. They live with hurt, betrayal, stifled sexual expression and a feeling of not being seen. Are you repeating the same patterns over and over again in love that you don't know how to break? Do you notice that with new partners the cycle repeats itself?

Has your long term relationship got issues bubbling under the surface that you are just living with?

Head to the Relationship Revolution page to see the 13 top areas that you most commonly face in relationship turmoil and what you can do about it.


What is Mentoring?

A mentor is a transformational guide who has expert knowledge in one or more areas with strong teaching and coaching skills. A mentor has usually personally navigated each of the areas they offer support in to bring you both real life experience and professional help.

Mentoring is a journey that uncovers and transforms the beliefs, behaviours, memories and old patterns that keep you locked in your current situation. If you are ready to activate a deep trust and love for yourself, create fulfilling relationships and an abundance of finance in the area of your dreams click below to find out what mentoring is and where it can take you.


“I have transformed from a woman who was seeking, floating, waiting and hoping to one who is connected, aligned, free and so ready to take this huge leap into my future, to take risks and to fly. I am beyond grateful to Kelly for her support and guidance through this process”
-Jane Holland

Whole Women Community

Sisterhood is the best medicine. Here you will find a private group of likeminded wholeness seeking women to ride the journey of life with you. We share all the juicy details together and everyone grows, so you can feel connected, supported and inspired at any time. Membership is free and we can't wait to meet you.

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The Blog

The life of a whole woman leaves nothing out. Here we dive into articles and stories that explore your physical health, sexuality, self love, relationships, communication, mindset and life purpose in a raw and real way with take home tips and a few ouch moments. Discover what wholeness looks like, how to activate your worth and start creating change, now.

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Articles, Activations and Inspirational Downloads for Whole Women

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