Welcome to Your Next Level

with Kelly Anne Mitchell

It's time. You're here. You feel the call to transform or move through something. Maybe you're looking for education about transformation or how to get on track with your purpose. Either way I know you're ready. 

I see you - you are a very resourceful and capable human being.  You have taken great responsibility in your life so far and endured much. You've committed yourself to hard work, hard times and persistent never ending faith that everything will turn out the way it needs to. 

But right now you are at a cross-roads. And you have two choices - to go on like this forever, or to strip away the layers blocking you from your next transition.

It's likely you have a pattern or a situation in your life that you'd like some freedom from. You know this is affecting multiple areas of your life and you are ready to release it. 

Maybe you are on the verge of trying to birth a whole new creation and you aren't sure you have the the mental strategy or the physical processes you are going to need to make it happen. But you have the inner knowing that it MUST happen. I see you, I know you - because we are all one.

You are ready for your transformation.

I am so passionate about transformation that I literally do not do anything else. I teach, I consult, I train coaches, I blog, and I research.

I have spent this lifetime mastering my personal journey, educating hundreds of students and working with thousands of clients across the globe in the art of transformation. 

My clients are just like you even when they seem to be different from you. I have worked with royalty, media, pop-stars, burlesque stars, single mothers, students, circus performers, child-care workers, heroin addicts, alcoholics, sexual trauma, relationship crisis, PTSD and people wanting to take their own life. I can tell you that although all these life experiences are different, they are all the same. There are core patterns that run through us all and they can all be changed.

I have seen it all and I have heard a lot of stories, now I'm ready to hear yours. Your story is in safe hands with me and I'm going to help you learn to see it for what it really is - and teach you how to use ALL of your life experience to help you activate the new story you are longing to live out.


My clients are constantly surprised at how much can change in one session. Are you ready for that to be you? 


What is the one thing keeping you up at night? The one thought, behaviour or situation in your life that ripples out into every other area?

Do you have it in your mind? Now answer me this... what would your life look like if you weren't affected by it anymore? What version of you would exist? What would the possibilities be for that version of you? 

It doesn't matter what it is, you can transform it -  faster than you might realise, if you are willing and ready. 

Transformation can be easy, and I'll show you how with rapid results coaching. 

Learn more and apply here. 

Everyone can learn business strategy but not everyone can own their place as a business person. You have to build that person. You have to craft their thoughts, their behaviours and their everyday habits.

90% of your success comes down to removing the internal barriers you have to success. You may think you do not have the skills. You may think you don't have the time. You are wrong. The skills are the easy part. You've already trained. You are already experienced enough. There are enough hours in the day.

Now it's time for you to learn how to unleash - your own self. This is what you deeply desire underneath, and you know it. Register your interest for a complimentary breakthrough session here so you can move forward.


Many people live in 'less than' relationships for YEARS. They live with hurt, betrayal, stifled sexual expression and a feeling of not being seen. Are you repeating the same patterns over and over again in love that you don't know how to break? Perhaps things are falling on deaf ears or you are just scared. 

Your long term relationship probably has issues bubbling under the surface that you are just living with. Over the years you have become different than you used to be and you can't find your way back. Or at least it seems that way. 

Here are top 13 areas that you most commonly face in relationship turmoil and what you can do about it. You can also apply for coaching here. 


“I have transformed from a woman who was seeking, floating, waiting and hoping to one who is connected, aligned, free and so ready to take this huge leap into my future, to take risks and to fly. I am beyond grateful to Kelly for her support and guidance through this process”
-Jane Holland


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